(EN) We are located in the department of microbiology at the Université de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, Canada). If you missed some geography classes and cannot place Sherbrooke, our town is about 100 miles southeast of Montreal, just north of the Vermont/Quebec border. Our research is centered around questions dealing with the maintenance of the termini of eukaryotic chromosomes, the telomeres. For most of our work, we use genetics and molecular biology, and our model organism of choice is the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Follow our links to learn more about us. Thanks for visiting us.

(FR) Nous sommes situés au département de microbiologie et d'infectiologie de l'Université de Sherbrooke au Québec (Canada). Nous utilisons la levure Saccharomyces cerevisiae comme organisme modèle pour l'étude des mécanismes nécessaires au maintien des fins de chromosomes, les télomères. Pour ce faire, nous appliquons des techniques génétiques et de biologie moléculaire. Suivez nos différents liens (en haut) pour en savoir plus. Merci de votre visite.

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Latest news

  • Publication: Nuclear import of Cdc13 limits chromosomal capping. Mersaoui SY, Bonnell E, & Wellinger RJ. NAR. 2017 Feb 8. 

  • Congratulations to the new graduates! Sofiane Mersaoui (Ph. D), Emmanuel Bajon (Ph. D), and Erin Bonnell (M. Sc.)

  • Welcome to our new students, Alexandra Krallis (M. Sc.) and Hannah Neumann (Ph. D.)

  • Publication: Life and Death of Yeast Telomerase RNA. Vasianovich Y & Wellinger RJ. J Mol. Biol. 2017 Jan 20.

  • Publication: Active Yeast Telomerase Shares Subunits with Ribonucleoproteins RNase P and RNase MRP. Lemieux B, Laterreur N, Perederina A, Noël JF, Dubois ML, Krasilnikov AS, Wellinger RJ. Cell. 2016 May 4.


  • Welcome to our new post-doctoral fellow, Yulia Vasianovich!

  • Publication: DNA damage checkpoint adaptation genes are required for division of cells harbouring eroded telomeres. Mersaoui S., Gravel S., Karpov V., Prud’Homme C., Lisby M. and Wellinger R.J. Microbial Cell. September 2015.

  • Publication: A Single Templating RNA in Yeast Telomerase. Bajon E, Laterreur N, Wellinger RJ. Cell Rep. July 21, 2015.
  • Welcome Joannie St-Germain, our new M. Sc. student!

  • Publication: A Function for the hnRNP A1/A2 Proteins in Transcription Elongation. Lemieux B, Blanchette M, Monette A, Mouland AJ, Wellinger RJ, Chabot B. PLoS One. May 26, 2015.
  • Publication: Turning telomerase into a Jekyll and Hyde case? Raymund J. Wellinger. Cancer Discov. January 2015

  • Congratulations to Erin Bonnell for obtaining a master student fellowship from the FRQS!
  • Publication: In the End, What's the Problem? Raymund J. Wellinger. Mol Cell Previews. March 20, 2014.
  • Congratulations to our M.Sc. student Stephen MacDonald for winning the "Best Presentation Award" at the 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Cancer!
  • Publication: Cell cycle-dependent transcription factors control the expression of yeast telomerase RNA. Dionne I, Larose S, Dandjinou AT, Abou Elela S, Wellinger RJ. RNA. 2013 May 20.
  • Welcome to our new students: Emeline (M. Sc), Steve (M. Sc.), Scarlette (M. Sc) and Hannah (intern)!
  • Publication: A new telomerase RNA element that is critical for telomere elongation. Laterreur NEschbach SHLafontaine DAWellinger RJ. NAR. 2013 May 16.

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